Jordans Farm Partnership Update

Brown Hare 2 C Jamie Hall 1498652556

You may remember last year we announced the launch of the Jordans Farm Partnership, a unique collaboration between Jordans and our farmers, the Wildlife Trusts, Linking Environment and Farming and the Prince’s Countryside Fund. It brings an innovative blend of expertise to benefit the British countryside.

The scheme was piloted on five farms but has now been rolled out across Jordans Farms.

All of our farmers are now fully LEAF certified with 15 having individually tailored wildlife plans created with Jordans oat growers and the Wildlife Trusts. These plans go above and beyond anything devised before because focus is on boosting locally important habitats and species, as well as setting gold standards for farm sustainability through LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management system. To find out more about this system then click here.

The remaining farm plans are underway with Wildlife Trust Farm Advisors visiting and surveying Jordans Oat Growers Farms. You can follow some of our progress on Twitter!

Watch our videos below to find out more about what the Jordans Farm Partnership is doing to help wildlife! Or to find out more about some of our focus species then click here.

Keep your eyes peeled for lots more updates coming soon!