Ali Visits Moundsmere Farm

Today Ali was visiting Moundsmere Farm which is mainly an arable farm with some permanent grassland and fallow. Crops grown are winter wheat, spring barley, winter oats, winter oilseed rape, winter barley and potatoes.

Ali visited to survey some of the grassland area on the farm. The area is made up of mixed species of hedge and mature trees. It was providing some very valuable spring habitat for small mammals and pollinating insects

Ali noted that it was lovely to see meadow buttercup on this visit. Ali says fields of buttercup are becoming fewer and farther between and are often likely to be the more invasive creeping buttercup. Meadow buttercup is a beautiful sight on its tall, delicate stems and is perfect for pollinating insects.

She also remembers being serenaded by skylark and yellowhammer as she worked.