Making sense of sugar

Sugar can be found both in natural sources (like fruits and milk) and can also be added into products to add texture, taste and make them last longer in your cupboard. All fruits store energy naturally in the form of sugars (fructose) – but they also have vitamins and minerals too. 

Sugars are an important source of energy that we all need to go about our daily lives. Sugars are a simple form of carbohydrate; so the body needs sugar - the trick is getting the right balance.

In some of our baked cereals (the crunchy ones like Granola and Country Crisp) – sugar is used to make the clusters and create the crunchy texture which we know you love. The amount of total sugars is clearly stated on our packs both in the nutritional tables and on the front of the pack where you can find the contribution of each bowlful (45g) towards an adults reference intake.

Sugar can be a confusing subject – so why not visit this great little website which has lots of information to help answer your questions Find out what we have been doing about sugar in the video above.